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virtual BarCamp 2022

Why a virtual event?

Finally an opportunity to see each other again!

This is a topic that moves people worldwide and calls for intercontinental exchange. To make this possible, the online version is the best option. With this virtual BarCamp, we offer you a fantastic opportunity for exchange and joint networking across national borders without the additional expense of travelling to and from the event. We think, the time during COVID 19 has shown that online events can also be designed in an interesting way, so we are looking forward to an inspiring and eventful time together with you.

What is a BarCamp?

A BarCamp is an "ad hoc non-conference" with open sessions. These sessions can take the form of discussion rounds, workshops or, for example, interactive exercises. It offers all participants the opportunity to participate, e.g. by offering their own sessions, addressing topics or acting as an impulse generator. Participants can, but do not have to, contribute their own topics. Experience has shown that there are enough initiators and so participants are inspired by the sessions to offer their own questions.

All those who participate in the BarCamp also shape it. That means: A BarCamp is what you make of it. It lives from the fascination, the joy and the knowledge of all participants to explore a common topic. It develops its very special quality through the interdisciplinary and intercultural contributions of all those being present.

The programme is structured as follows: After the fixed impulse sessions (presentations by the keynote speakers), there are parallel break-out sessions in which the ideas contributed by the participants are worked on. All other participants can then distribute themselves among the different topics and break-out rooms according to their interests. This process is repeated during the BarCamp and ensures a high intensity of exchange with opportunities for reflection and inspiration. All results from the break-out sessions will be documented.

What BarCamp 2022 offers

  • An extremely flexible and adaptable conference format
  • The forum for international exchange

  • Solution-oriented work on issues that concern you and us - come with a question and leave the BarCamp with answers

  • Impulses on topics and trends that move the world and each and every one of us
  • Space for topical suggestions and original new developments, always based on our constituent SIETAR pillars: Interculturality - Education - Training - Research/Science and Development.
  • "Thinking Out of the Box" - creative and interdisciplinary exchange with the SIETAR community and beyond.
  • Space and time for open-ended research, dialogue and discussion
  • Diverse, engaged changemakers, like-minded people and colleagues for networking, idea development and cooperation
  • Encounters and exchange at eye level
  • Dynamic discussions on exciting topics

  • The opportunity to participate with your own ideas, new methods, best practice models, products or a question and to develop them further on the spot
  • Interesting input and creative output

  • Live music and meditation as relaxation breaks
  • Evening event with joint meal on Friday, 04th February 2022
  • Documentation of results and the possibility to form working groups even beyond the BarCamp